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commercial score demo: wedding photography infomercial
commercial score demo: wedding photography infomercial
Here are a few samples from commercials, corporate projects, artist remixes, and a choral song published by Prism Music...
DEMO: "GET UP & HUNT"     
...was written for a 90-second commercial enticing hunters to bring their guns, friends, and business to the largest turkey outfitter in the US.  The opening siren makes you want to jump out of bed and shoot somethin'!

DEMO: Education Video Background     
This is a clip from a background track custom created for a national teacher evaluation program.  Hey, education's gotta have at least a little groove, eh?

"TANZANIAN SAFARI" an original epic score composed for Brock Storytelling for a safari film filmed on location in Tanzania; hence the original title.  The giant mosquito in the recording was my favorite part.  (The critter didn't exactly cooperate in the studio though...)

DEMO: Film Company Logo     
As the pieces of the logo fly in, this 20-second clip portrays both the magnitude and the simplicity of their message.

*All demos are copyrighted; all are being used by permission. Some cues are available for purchase.
Please submit a Contact Form for more information.

In 2014, Prism Music published an original composition piece by Rob for worship choir & orchestra entitled "Almighty God", being recorded by the 300-voice FL Worship Choir, orchestrated by Mark Bovee.  Here's a sample from the middle of the song...


'Tis the season to do remixes!  Here's a snapshot of a remix of "Everything Glorious" by David Crowder, a remix of "King Of Heaven" done for a contest by Paul Baloche (it was a Top 5 Finalist), and a remix of "Joy To The World" for Lincoln Brewster.


remixed / arranged with "HARK THE HERALD ANGELS SING"  


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