Film scoring...

In 2013, Rob was asked by the incomparable Van Lawson (of AireBorn Studios) to collaborate on a music score for the film, "The War Within" (2014 release), directed by Brett Varvel.  Here are a few musical highlights from our movie-scoring adventure, performed by a compilation of incredibly-talented members from the Indianapolis Symphony and the Chicago Symphony who contributed to the award-winning film.

TWW DEMO: "Are You Lost?" 
The first of several dramatic fight scenes begin to unfold as tension rises and characters battle for the control of the soul. (by RD)

TWW DEMO: "Into The Abyss" 
As we travel for the first time down deep into the soul, we are confronted by a hostile situation with emotions running rampant. (by RD)

TWW DEMO: "Amy's Revelation" 
One of the main characters is confronted with the reality of her decisions. (by VL)

TWW DEMO: "Choose Reason" 
As the struggle builds, the Heart is faced with the biggest decision of his life. (by VL)

"United Again"
In an extended sequence of majestic footage and no dialogue, the music speaks for itself as chains are broken and the Heart is renewed. (by RD)

TWW DEMO: "Ellie's Theme" 
The innocence of the child in the film is beautifully portrayed through poignant music. (by VL)

Other movie trailer projects...


The people are united.  The movement has started.  The goal is before them.  The final scurry begins to assemble the last pieces as conflict is inevitable.


Imagine the bad guys about to catch the good guy, when all the sudden he slips out, unnoticed, only to be chased again.  Classic chase / getaway music to top it off!

Picture a lost group of people, tired from traveling, finally coming upon their long-awaited destination.  This snippet depicts a mixture of that triumphal homecoming and a peaceful ending of hope.  And yeah, that's my ode-to-John-Williams ending.

This movie released in 2012 is a great story about a father's love, a daughter's struggle, and a family's faith.  This poignant music was designed for a promotional movie trailer.  (Produced by Kingdom Pictures; distributed by Bridgestone Media Group)

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