Film scoring...

Rob was invited by Van Lawson & AireBorn Studios to collaborate on a music score for the film, "The War Within", directed by Brett Varvel.  Here are a few musical highlights from our movie-scoring adventure, performed by a compilation of incredibly-talented members from the Indianapolis Symphony and the Chicago Symphony who contributed to the award-winning film.

TWW DEMO: "Into The Abyss" • As we travel down deep into the soul for the first time, we are confronted by a hostile situation with Emotions running rampant. 

"United Again"
 • In an extended sequence of majestic footage and no dialogue, the music speaks for itself as chains are broken and the Heart is renewed.

commercial score demo: wedding photography infomercial

Other film concepts...

• There's only 2 left.  They round the last corner in the Coliseum,
pounding towards the finish line.  Victory is proclaimed!

• They're closing in, and for a moment you're safe.  
But they're on to you, so you make a hard run for it; do they catch you?

DEMO: "CROSSING THE RED SEA" • Life in the wilderness had become normal - until the enemy approached.  
Quickly, everyone gathers their things and watch the waters unexpectedly part before them.
Triumphantly they cross, and the waters safely subside behind.  A prayer of thanks is offered.

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